He sees the pretty her

the lips could be tasteful,

the eyes are piercing the heart

the neck is smooth to pour all love

and the ears are fancy to take a bite.

The chest is soft to rest and spend a day

belly is fun to hold a fight and play.

The thighs could be spread as wide could be,

pleasures could be witnessed in between to fiddle and tickle with.

The legs are lean so fingers could run so smooth

the fingers are to be licked and stuffed in mouth.

She sometimes looks like a meal and sometimes as a desire

could be made a fantasy or a drink on fire.

He wonders is it right to approach or jump to hunt her

woo her like a charming prince or catch her like a mad king.

Ultimately to fix her with his body

to see the beauty and consume the flesh.

He fixes his gaze on her and runs fingers on her back,

She’s already feeling weak at knees and knelt to obey.

His manhood raise with pride and greed to enter her mouth

being his desire she swallowed to have it all.

Her lips are sweet and tongue is so soft,

She thought of easing his phallus with all her effort,

but the efforts are in vein and it’s actually getting hard,

she’s to stuff all the length and breath from end to start.

Her eyes are swelling and she’s looking at him beneath his sword,

he couldn’t see much from the top, playing with her hair only asking to never stop.

Oh but he stopped, she wondered finally he’s at comfort

well he pushed his passion inside her and she drowned with her heart.


Standing to nothingness she’s still,

coming from behind he wants to hold and feel her,

as he touches and smell her hair,

She feels the tiny whispers tickling the neck,

hands swiftly gripping waist and breast to not let her leave any moment,

She lies back on his chest and arms to surrender everyday,

but he pushes her front forward and she has to stand on her own,

bear his weight and thrust too high,

he pulls some clothes up and rest of everything down,

enter her body pushes his self inside, pulling her hair and face back.

They become one animal,

an animal with the purpose to sweat every drop down,

an animal with the purpose to drive pain and pleasure and more,

his hands tearing her waist, belly, breasts, butts and wish if he could eat her,

as she could be the one who could fill his all emptiness one day.

He only wants to hold her and to not let her leave anyday……


And so she stays confused as ever,

And so she fails to find herself.

A woman had been a mother for long,

a caretaker, a house builder shining in her lamp.

Draped in clothes, pride in her ornaments,

beautiful as a distant heaven, silent in her smile.

She had her world, and was unaware of the one other than that,

She had a life, and she was supposed to nurture the rest.

And when she stepped out, someone could see her touch her wrong,

She had to make sure, it’s her responsibility and world isn’t pure.

She felt safe in her heaven, and desires were already killed,

When born, she was a responsibility, a burden and nothing more.

In days she’s learnt to fly, to see dreams and to earn her life,

But the world around is same, she could be eaten or buried in shame.

Why does she step out and wear to attract when she could be raped,

Why does she takes her pics when those could be lured at and leaked,

Why does she earn when her husband could fill her world with money,

Why does she dream, Oh no that’s she has stopped dreaming,

Why does she live, Oh yes that the beginning of troubles!


There was a time in my life years ago when I had decided that I wouldn’t be keeping any expectations from people or from life in general. As I had lived the fullest too and touched the bottoms also. And I thought now whatever the life would give me I’ll take it with gratitude and all humbleness. I’ll be considering myself lucky to be happy and satisfied around. But human emotions are ugly. We become greedy, selfish and demanding again. We forget the past miseries and pains and start thinking ourselves as some deserving person who should get what they want. The expectation becomes innumerable and desires grow high. We blame the dissatisfactions on people around while what we do personally is just sob on our miseries. This is a typical human behaviour. We become needy and greedy. It gets hard to raise above these shallow emotions and downtrodden behaviour.


Any human can have internal struggles and actually all the people in the world face this conflict throughout their lives. Or maybe life is all about our internal struggles and their external responses. But today I’m trying to express and feel the conflicts of women at present or maybe just about myself. I don’t know at present stage in life where everyone possess different sets of situations and experiences how could you represent the opinions of other people from your behalf. If one feels with it, it’s well and fine.

So how’s the life of women goes. A modern woman completes her education, finds a good job, gets married after knowing the partner well and settles in her life taking both household and financial responsibilities. While she’s single, she might be living her life in fun and balanced manner but her answerability of whereabouts and life is always given to her parents. In society if woman takes some steps which symbolise too much of freedom and exposure then they’re always questioned. And not questioned in mild manner, but in extremes of values and morality and how they want to take their life further. So a single life could be free but not free as compared with guys. She needs to keep her values and ethics too high so that people don’t misunderstand her and by mistake she doesn’t harm the image of her family. So she’s in habit of living with this pressure and external push.

Once she gets married of course life takes a flip turn. And I don’t mean in a negative way. I mean if woman is capable enough to learn the new behaviour and skills to run the household, if she’s making slight changes to keep the family running and I absolutely don’t mean that doing all this at the cost of self esteem and pride, but a new learning done to keep the family strong, then it’s actually her strength and super power. And if men ain’t able to match her efforts then it’s their weakness or something they don’t have expertise in. But why to call such a huge strength of woman a mere compromise.! No it’s not. We make hell lot of compromises with our ethics and moods or values in our working sphere but hold those efforts as crowns of achievement and dedication, then why to call the efforts in relationship to keep the love and harmony around as a mere compromise. But then, the internal conflict of woman starts from this point only. We women always look up the men somehow as an epitome of freedom and good life. If I’ll be able to do everything what men do then only my happiness and achievements would hold value. At office space it’s competitive with all gender, but at home a woman tries to compete the same with her partner. And of course women always play a strong role in keeping the family intact, but again I’m saying it’s a strength. And strengths should always be celebrated. But of course if it’s leading to sadness or some sort of dissatisfaction, then changes in life pattern and attitude are required. I personally feel as women did their struggle with the parents too as well as society in general and a huge baggage of crimes and discrimination on this gender, they tend to victimise themselves for any trouble and pain. All the humans feel different sorts of anxiety and pains but that doesn’t make us victim. And to believe in that you’re a victim then how could you be able to stand for the self. Then you’ll look towards others to save yourself, and you’ll find none. And that’s because others ain’t seeing you as any victim, but a strong person standing.

If a woman is financially and emotionally independent enough, instead of seeing everything and everyone around her as some external pressure, or as an eye who’s judging her always and she needs to keep her values high, she needs to relax a bit. Other than job and household chores, it’s good to have some hobbies in hand and friends to give you a sense of identity. I think it’s me who has isolated herself a lot and has given more priority to home other than my personal choices. Women do come and talk to me and try to be friends, but it’s hard to get time other than job and home stuff to take the friendship or social life forward. It takes a back seat and so you feel you’re stuck between work and home. And work at least you’ve chosen by your own but the home is a side effect of the partner you’re married to. And in this competitive home atmosphere as I’ve mentioned in the beginning you try to pick this which you do for the family while others don’t. And so your strength becomes misery too. And no doubt whatsoever you do, if you try to be in constant misery and unhappiness then it becomes your nature also. you’ve kind of trained yourself to be miserable. So it you want to keep calling yourself victim everyday then welcome a miserable life, if you want to make certain changes to make the life more effective and fulfilling then think and act on that.