It’s been long since I’ve written anything and the reason behind can be I’ve stopped thinking on matters for a while now. It doesn’t mean I’m in peace but there’s so much chaos and haphazard inside that I ignore putting my brains now. I’ve started feeling everything purposeless. It’s so etching like a chain or in circle we’re living. It all goes round and round and knowingly or unknowingly we’ve become a part of it. We’ve become a part of this senseless and materialistic world. We’re in the desire to gain more and more and have no clue for what. So I feel I don’t wanna be part of it but then I’ve no other option too. I’d have to follow the whole normal things like marriage,job,kids in future, their future more money, property and norms of society. And that’s how I’d end too. I don’t wanna end that way but everyone ends that way only. Yeah for adventure in mid we do some traveling, exposure to the world, charity, job success but again why why and why. May be we’re a part of some larger mission as our religions say and we’ve to do our duties but these duties ain’t made by us they’re more like imposed ones. We’ve been told since beginning this is right this is wrong, these are rules, these are guidelines, this make one happy this is sad and so on. I can’t end it anywhere. I don’t see rationality in people. There are difference in private and public behaviour and thoughts. This is like a never ending maze and we’re a playing it for no purpose and no fun.

That feeling…….

You know that feeling…

when you know you’re feeling…

but don’t know what is it in real…

but you don’t know why is it in your brainy sphere…

but you don’t know for how long that thought would exist…

but you don’t know whether in real the feeling persist…

but you know its there….

and you know its presence is boiling inside…

and the fragrance of the vapours is enough to keep your life warm forever…….

A try


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I’m a traveller. And a photographer not professionally, nor in fancy way, but to just capture the moments and scenes which I always wanna hold in my memory lane. So well in this piece I’m trying to collect and post the clicks I captured of the most beautiful place I feel and yes those are mountains. Just I enjoy and find peace on hills, snow covered hill, surely not in saintly way but in mind exploring way. Like this pic holding the glory of mountains,Image



You know its something like when we live our regular and routine lives we become robots. We don’t think much about the meaning and purpose of our life but do the things because that’s what everyone do. We’ve responsibilities and pressure so that’s how become the way of living. But when we travel and see the mountains and rivers and greenery we realize that we’re no different but a part of this nature, a part of this system & we’re not alone but these trees,grasses,hills,paths,water,flora,fauna and all are a part of us and we can communicate with them not in our regular language but from somewhere inside definitely!




Well so this way out we’re standing on the edge of a high cliff, wondering, someday about our existence and purpose and other day again engaging ourselves in our monotonous responsibilities, dying someday in mid of hecticness. But may be that’s how the life is supposed to be, but we must find some moment always, standing on that edge, to look back and give a thought as well as time to our soul energy and the other energies of nature present which may enhance your power and can lead you somewhere you can find more happiness and satisfaction.


Because if there is chaos, then there is peace and comfort too. That may not be far away but in our daily lives, in the smile of people for whom we care, in the success of our knowns and sometimes not gaining any personal interests too. Its a shine, a light in our life which we should always keep on and brighten more as much we can.





Ant the frosted snow in our lives making every relation and emotion cold, too melts with our efforts, and actually these are not efforts too but you enjoy doing these little gestures if you love someone in real. So just live the life and fulfill the responsibilities and enjoy and love simultaneously. 



We all are just following each others and forming n narrowing down our paths instead.







An energy you are

If you believed in something

& that turned you down,

don’t stop believing your beliefs,

don’t start blaming others for your deeds,

don’t switch your ideas & be a different man,

don’t lose hope on good or take an opposite stand,

don’t shatter the dreams that give meaning to your existence,

don’t battle with your desires raised high needing a helping chance,

don’t be miserable making gloominess your friend,

don’t become hypocrite acting with twists & bends.

You’re not a traveller, but an energy, a Power,

believe in your beliefs, not let failure to emasculate the radiant tower.

The Liberated her

If you wanna liberate,

the secrete behind her eyes,

the codes hidden in her smile,

the darkness shying under the tresses she sets,

the passion pumping when she shivers against your chest,

the care she breathes while she turns back to see your smile.

The worries closed in her raised eyebrow somewhere,

the lies spilled in her mind covered in her sane prayers…

If you wanna know,

then just trust her,

be with her,

let her know she’s not an option,

let her know she’s not a prisoner,

let her know she’s not the mere “only one” ,

let her know she’s not a dream partner.

Don’t let her know with your words,

Be a part of her life, not living her as she’s your life …. !



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