My experience of Mahabalipuram was divine and peaceful. It was an unplanned visit with my two batchmates and the moment we reached there we felt so happy. Apart from the whole historical significance, grand structure and sculpt, the whole environment from the sky to the beach was majestic. I’m not describing the history and the story behind the temple but sharing few photographs that were took. We stayed there for whole day and bought few sculptures as souvenir. We walked till late on the lanes of Mahabalipuram and luckily found a taxi which dropped us back to Chennai in just Rs250. 



I don’t know what makes something to be like your favourite. I see sparrows I find them cute, I see pigeon and they scare me, I see peacocks they mesmerise me but crows….they just are my favourite. 

I clicked this pic on way between Calicut and Wayanad when we stopped to have some cake and coffee.  

We were already captivated by the greenery and peace in the air of Kerala. This was my second visit to Kerala but I visited the south Kerala  part before. Btw this blog is more about my favourite bird than about Kerala.

Why I find crow special ! Maybe coz it’s black and so very basic and raw, no shimmering and show off, kind yes it’s very kind and rear cuckoos’ eggs, genius bird with all logical and interpretation senses. I mean I just see crow and I sense some pride and individuality in that bird. It’s not cute nor it’s pet like. It has its own life and it keeps it at ground level. I find charm in it and it’s interesting when you observe it’s routine. I find this captured picture also close to me where the wings ain’t going flat nor upwards. It’s shrill voice isn’t a demerit as per me but I feel this bird doesn’t care what others think about it but always busy doing the duty. 

The tree cover below, the mountains behind and crossing the clouds this picture becomes close to me

The inside dead. 

Sometimes we click a pic and then create a story about it or try to find meaning in it. Sometimes we just see the thing and click it finding a perspective before. These are those kind of pictures only. They don’t carry any artistic perception as such but the darkness and gloominess I felt while capturing them were enough to bring the sadness in front. 

Especially the first one. The empty diya and a dry lead in it, reminded me of the women in our societies who are unable to reproduce. This is still a stigma in our society and a major cause of divorce and seclusion. The cracks under the diya signifies the stigma and our mentality which pushes the woman in isolation, frustration, ignorance and a blow to her self esteem. 

The second picture signifies the complex web of hypocrisies in our society which never let anyone live peacefully and without notions and judgements. Everyone is a victim of their own ambiguities. 


Life is suppose to be happy,

Not happy forever,

But happy in few bits and pieces.

The pieces that are torn out by,

The sadness,

The sorrow,

The gloominess,

The fear,

& the tears.

The all upheavals make us realise,

how valuable the smile is,

The all emptiness inside make us wonder,

how precious the loved ones are.

& the happiness forever is a myth,

Which is no god for anyone.

My reasons 


I like when I take care of my emotions. 

People say they  flicker.  

People say they’re transient. 

People say they’re dreamy.  

People say they’re rootless. 

They fail to realise, 

Those emotions are only defining me at that moment, 

And such infinite defining pointless points of life 

Are giving me reason to live, 

And one day not to live.  

I could be

I could be your shadow

if you let me walk by your side

I could be your present 

If you let me recall our lows and tides….

I could be your dream

If you let me show my colors 

I could be your aim

If you let me bring my nature…

I could be your taste

If you let me do a bit romance 

I could be your everything 

you just have to give me a chance…


I fail to express

I fail to deliver

I fail to keep

what we’ve what we’ve lost…

Maybe with few seasons passed

Maybe with few roads crossed

Maybe with few faces running down

I’d feel over with the failure

The failure of not keeping you close

The failure of not making things better

The failure of ruining the dreams

The failure of crying over spark.

But till then

I’ll suffer….

terrible me


I think I should say sorry

I feel I should move on

I know I hurt you in the process

I agree I should stop playing the song…

I think of calling you sometimes

I feel the wound is so sore

I know I wasn’t right for you

I agree I shouldn’t think on it anymore…

I think we weren’t meant for each other

I feel things went really fast

I know it was my mistake completely

I agree you well played your part ….


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