When you turn the desires into 
the ashes of lost burning flame,
and rub on your heart smoothly
wishing it could rub away the itching pain
as remedy or as a curse
the envious self emerges out of it,
which hasn’t achieved anything ever
but a longing spectator it’s been
watching others finding routes
and the self always standing on the edge
of miseries and pain, grief and suffering
trying to stand while finding voice
waiting to be a phoenix one day.


It brings me stillness,
finding my breaths,
following their route,
and to accompany them
in their continuous flow.
To feel the nothingness,
to calculate that I don’t have to,
limit the time on fingers,
but to observe it passing
with the stillness inside me.
I don’t have to rush,
I don’t have to be impatient,
I don’t have to react,
I don’t have to say all the time,
but find stillness in silence.
Feel the calming blood,
slowing down the breaths
as there’s long to live,
instructing the mind to obey
the commands given
and to learn with the stillness.
As the nature standing
and witnessing for years.


Sitting next to your bedside
I find peace
a sense of all togetherness
which is generally lost,
when I’m away from you.
When I’m away from you,
and no matter I’m on our own bed,
watching the same series on tv
and eating the same food,
but alone, and I feel
being cut into half,
while unaware of the other half,
in constant misery of thought,
speculations and pain of numbness..
In morning I wrap up all the tasks
to be with you,
sitting next to your bedside
finding my other half and peace inside.


There’re times when you plan life and it follows the same route. You feel that you’re in charge of your life and it’s under the commands of your mind and actions. You feel what you need is focus and a plan and nothing can stop you. But then times come when all your plans and ways standstill. Life shows it’s own superiority. And when it comes to health, life death situations and other kinds of uncertainties what comes under own control is to keep the sanity and patience alive. You become the silent spectator of the life and circumstances and learn from the times.


And I’m happy that a kiss isn’t enough,

And I’m glad a touch is only a start,

And I’m joyed to see you can come so close,

And it’s a pleasure to be bare in front of you…

It’s a different sensation when you don’t touch,

but just look at me and see me part by part,

it’s a deep penetration of lust and desire ,

which makes me shy and smile to heart.

And when you come closer and do the wonders,

with just a finger and your deep breaths,

the manly figure standing close to me,

who could over power me the moment you choose.

The fingers gliding through me hair and ears,

the breaths spreading warm on my neck,

the sensation falling heavy on my chest,

and you standing so controlled like a master in place.

But you’re not a master anymore,

and your desires slide down like a puppet,

and you might be falling for me or to own imagination,

and see you can’t even stand anymore….

but you want to stand,

and you wish to own me like a thing,

and you bend me down on bed,

standing behind and fully erect.

You enter deep into me and I’m so full,

you hold me like a fairy who might fall from heaven,

You try to be hard, rough as a coarse weather,

Love might be not real but this moment is an appeal….

little things

I don’t believe in many things,

& I don’t think it marks any difference,

I do believe in few things,

& I think it keeps switching now and then.

I’m rumored to be a lot and that might be real too,

I’m seen as weak and I’m glad to be so.

I’m weak as a paper and soft as a leave,

you can tear me apart easily and I look so bleak.

I’m a hidden person with innumerable unseen sides,

It’s a suffering to be me and to live with me meanwhile.

I wish to be like wave answerable to none, or boundless as a wind,

not so defined by the norms, unable to legalized by the forms.

Who wants to know where the limits fly,

who wants to see how delusion speaks,

who never wants to sit and stay,

And I’m no rebel but definitely not an answer to your miseries….


If I’m given a chance to pick a flower,

I’ll choose the glory of lilyful days spent with you,

The smell of your presence and the warmth of the embrace,

I’ll pick the moment over my whole life for you…

If I’m given chance to pick a time with you,

I’ll pick all those dark nights we spent holding each other,

with the teary eyes of memories and how hopeful the life seems now,

of sharing forgotten times and how much love means now,

and you kissing me and touching me irresistibly like I’ll vanish soon.

If I’m given any chance in this life to feel my existence,

I’ll hold your hand and let you take me to the world unseen,

to listen your every breath and word with soft sheen,

Yes I’m much more beyond you, and I can be boundless to infinity,

but i fall in your arms to be complete to meet my desired destiny ….

As swift

I want to sit on your face

As I’m really very wet,

I need you to wipe that fast,

Keep it steady and straight.

You can swirl I’ll beat,

You can bite I’ll tear,

You can suck I’ll drown

you can tickle and I’ll frown.

You can squeeze the butt tight

You can turn me around and bend slight

I’ll take your cock into my mouth

And you’ll rub me down choking to shout,

Squirming on top of you I’ll find my peace,

Under me you hurried could cum between my teeth.