It’s been long since I’ve written anything and the reason behind can be I’ve stopped thinking on matters for a while now. It doesn’t mean I’m in peace but there’s so much chaos and haphazard inside that I ignore putting my brains now. I’ve started feeling everything purposeless. It’s so etching like a chain or in circle we’re living. It all goes round and round and knowingly or unknowingly we’ve become a part of it. We’ve become a part of this senseless and materialistic world. We’re in the desire to gain more and more and have no clue for what. So I feel I don’t wanna be part of it but then I’ve no other option too. I’d have to follow the whole normal things like marriage,job,kids in future, their future more money, property and norms of society. And that’s how I’d end too. I don’t wanna end that way but everyone ends that way only. Yeah for adventure in mid we do some traveling, exposure to the world, charity, job success but again why why and why. May be we’re a part of some larger mission as our religions say and we’ve to do our duties but these duties ain’t made by us they’re more like imposed ones. We’ve been told since beginning this is right this is wrong, these are rules, these are guidelines, this make one happy this is sad and so on. I can’t end it anywhere. I don’t see rationality in people. There are difference in private and public behaviour and thoughts. This is like a never ending maze and we’re a playing it for no purpose and no fun.