Sometimes we click a pic and then create a story about it or try to find meaning in it. Sometimes we just see the thing and click it finding a perspective before. These are those kind of pictures only. They don’t carry any artistic perception as such but the darkness and gloominess I felt while capturing them were enough to bring the sadness in front. 

Especially the first one. The empty diya and a dry lead in it, reminded me of the women in our societies who are unable to reproduce. This is still a stigma in our society and a major cause of divorce and seclusion. The cracks under the diya signifies the stigma and our mentality which pushes the woman in isolation, frustration, ignorance and a blow to her self esteem. 

The second picture signifies the complex web of hypocrisies in our society which never let anyone live peacefully and without notions and judgements. Everyone is a victim of their own ambiguities.