Masturbation seems a more shocking word to Indian society than sex. Sex is still acceptable of course if you’re married (we’re Indian should remember😓) but masturbation is like a whole other level. I don’t understand why do people shy about their healthy sexual growth. Yes it’s socialisation and so much of tabooing everything, but few days back was having a normal conversation with my girlfriends on a whatsapp group and a friend used a word ‘Chhhiii’ on the fact of fingering. I know many elderly people reading this blog might’ve closed their eyes finding so many no no words but yeah being an educated and well socialised person too she thinks this way too. Or maybe in India we keep our so called not existing innocence alive by saying oh we don’t know this exist or we don’t enjoy this. My words for them are- you’re really foolish if you can’t explore your own body and you’ve some serious issues if you’re incapable to enjoy it too. 
It’s kind of gender stereotyping in masturbation thing. Thinking of a guy doing this is very easy and you really don’t feel good about him, as he might be a guy watching porn and really not receiving sex at all. Imagining a girl while masturbating is a sexier task, more a seductive style. But in both case of course neediness is there. It’s not coming as something natural but extreme thoughts are attached. However with girls it’s mostly like no we don’t know what masturbation is, no we don’t enjoy this, no we don’t give our guy oral (as again it’s some ‘chhii task’) and so on maybe they’ll call themselves virgin too forever. 
It’s not actually about society always what I mean. On my whatsapp group there was no judgemental society sitting but still some had that opinion. As if it’s an out of the world and not so important thing. We easily judge the society but we fail to evaluate ourselves. Really it doesn’t matter whether you do something or not but the point is of accepting. And it’s not even about accepting but not making as it some kinky thing. Our society structured in a way of hiding very basic facts of life and make them sound improper and so various hesitations and mix-informations arise. For eg still in most of the magazines kids ask this query that I masturbate a lot, is it gonna effect my health !! Reading biology and some feminist articles don’t make a person aware now I feel. It’s more about attitude of person which needs to be enriched with personal efforts only in the end. So yes please don’t masturbate sitting next to a person in bus or your office but do enjoy your personal space whenever you can.